Throw Pillow Covers – Transforming Old Throw Pillows to Modern and Brand New Looking

Unlike regular or bed pillows, throw pillows are mainly for decorative use. They are often placed in a sofa or a couch to dress up a room for occasions, holidays or just for normal days. However, that does not mean they are of no value when it comes to providing comfort as they can also be used when resting or taking a nap.

Usually, throw pillows are of square shape and measures no more than 24 inches. Nevertheless, they can also be in other shapes as circle, oblong and rectangle. And though they can be shaped throw pillows often seen in the living room, they can also be used outdoor as an additional decor.

The strength of a throw pillow basically lies in its cover. It is the one that gives the pillow a distinct look which is then passed on to the room. Specifically, it is the texture and the design on throw pillow covers that gives the room a different feel and look.

However, like any other thing, throw pillows also become old. Over time, their designs fade and become raggedy. But then, if their inserts are still fluffy, you don’t have to replace the whole pillows. All you have to do is change their cases and covers.

There are two ways to replace the covers of your throw pillows. You can either purchase new ones or make your own covers. Either way, you won’t need to spend as much as you have to with replacing the whole pillows, inserts and cases included.

If you are to buy the covers, make sure to choose those with modern designs if you are going for a contemporary theme. If you plan to opt for other themes, just make sure to blend the design and colour with it. You can start checking chenille throw pillows if you don’t know yet what type or brand to purchase.

On the other hand, if you want to make your own throw pillow covers, make sure that you know how to do it. Decide what is the appropriate cloth to use, silk, cotton or other fabrics? Also, make sure that you get the accurate measurement so as the covers that you will produce are not too small or too large for the inserts. This is a wise alternative if you want an affordable covers yet not trustful with those in cheap prices.

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